Power Tracks and Columns

Recessed Power Track
Semi-Recessed Power Track
Applied Power Track

RH2 Power Track

The RH2 power track is mainly built into the furniture, widely used to equip meeting tables, business corners, offices,...

Many other applications are possible with the RH2 track.

Due to its shallow depth (34 mm), the RH2 track does not have a compartment for cable management.
The track is available in lengths of 60cm, 80cm, 100cm and 120cm and is available in two finishes: brushed black or brushed aluminium.

GT-Genesis Power Track

The GT-Genesis track can be installed as a surface-mounted or semi-recessed unit, the ideal solution for integrating electricity into your meeting tables, workstations, credenzas, etc.

This track is equipped with two USB chargers to charge your devices such as smartphones or tablets.

The GT-Genesis is sold in a length of 65.6 cm and is available in two finishes: brushed black or brushed titanium.

SH1 Power Track

The SH1 track is ideal for use in kitchens, with a brushed aluminium finish to match different kitchen styles.

With this model it will be possible to make an installation with corners, RJ-45 outlets and to make cable management in the upper compartment of the trunking. The SH1 track is also designed for installation in a room surround.

Bars or hooks can be clipped under the track to hang your kitchen utensils.
The track is available in lengths of 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm or 120 cm and is available in two finishes: brushed aluminium or brushed black.

E-Genesis Power Track 

The E-Genesis track features an integrated cable management compartment underneath the track, allowing you to hide excess cable from devices that clutter your work surface.

Thanks to its modularity, the E-Genesis electrical track can be installed for multiple applications in the home as well as in professional environments: kitchen credenza, office, television cabinet,...

E-Genesis tracks cannot be cut, and are not designed to be linked together.

If you require longer lengths or tailor-made solutions, please refer to the range of mouldings, ducts, strips and skirting boards.

The E-Genesis power track is available in lengths of 60cm, 90cm or 120cm and is available in two finishes: brushed aluminium or brushed black.

Tuscan Tower

The Tuscan Tower combines the modular concept of movable electrical outlets, the cable management system and the elegance of a design column, offering electrification on both sides, as well as 4 USB chargers.

The Tuscan Tower has two cable management compartments located on the sides of the unit.

This easy-to-install and easy-to-transport column can be integrated into any environment, whether in the home or in the workplace: living rooms, bars, meeting rooms, banquet halls, etc.

The electric column is available in two finishes: brushed titanium or brushed black.